[Japon] complete raport Tokyo Game Show 2014 -4 days(english)

Tokyo Game Show 2014
les 18
,19, 20,21 septembre 2014

written by rafael bukowski

transled and corrected by Jeanne vantol


Hello everybody. Here we are for the detailed report on the Tokyo Game Show; it represents :my personal view after nearly one month: I was in Japan in the mean time – returned only on October 6th and the local conditions were not excellent. That’s why I waited to be back in France and to be able to get my hands on the best pictures and non-published videos.

This is why I wish to share with you my view of the 4-days Show I visited as a free-lance press reporter.

Press day :

Days for the press:

Thursday and Friday : for press representatives .This part was rather awkward for me as I made a mistake in the destination; I went to Makuhari JR and not to Kaimakuhari, so I had to take a bus and arrived a little late; I went to the check-in desk to get my press card. I then joined David in the queue to await the official opening planned for 10.a.m. sharp.

The waiting took longer than we had expected, but we all made contacts, the Japanese public was very accessible, a factor of importance for us as we very often and as much as possible play on the original Japanese versions since years and years.

Okay, the waiting comes to an end and we can all go to the hall.

First striking impression: the number of visitors already present at the opening hour, with receptionists distributing flyers and at the same time smiling to the photographers.

All the big names in video games were there, of course :

Sony computer, Microsoft,Capcom, Square Enix, Sega sami, D3 Publisher, Atlus, Arks system works, koei tecmo, namco bandai, konami computer, marvellous and many others.

We were able to put to try out some games such as Tales of Vesperia (date of release in Japan planned for the beginning of 2015).

Presentation of the various stands I visited during the day 

Stand Sony Computer


In my view, one of the most important stands in the Show ; one could test practically everything there, as most of the other publishers were well represented, except for example the very promising Bloodborne

It’s most impressive stand for me, that we’d be able to try out on Friday .

Stand Microsoft.

A very well furnished stand but I did not test any of their games, and just took some pictures and videos. There was no problem with timing, and one could try out the games of other publishers after a reasonably short waiting time (even on the general public days)

Square ENIX stand (next to the Capcom)

We found all today’s Squares Enix games, among which the famous Final Fantasay <type Zero Hsd which we tried a bit in the X-bone version.. which is, I think, the second level of the game, as I already played (and never finished) it on PSP in the year 2011, Kingdom of Hearts 2.5 HD Remix (released in Japan on October 2nd).

25-DSC02755 24-DSC02754 23-DSC02753 22-DSC02752 21-DSC02751

But the most attractive part was that of Final Fantasy XIV, as one could try and get a dedication by the author of the game and even try to fight Ramuh with a group of 8 participants to get first edition goodies (which we’ll do on Friday and Saturday)

    • Part of the stand was dedicated to the projection of videos of future games, now in elaboration among which Final Fantasy Type Zero Hd, Dragon Quest Warriors, Final Fantasy XV et Final Fantasy Type zero Hd, Dragon Quest Warriors and a number of other games (but most of the time on various mobiles (????), and not on game console very disappointed …
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N-hfotZYDk

Stand D3 Publisher (next to the Sony stand)

Aya 18-DSC02669 29-DSC02692 04-DSC02789 21-DSC02827 06-DSC02972

Very much put to the forefront, an improved (portage?) for Onechan chanbara Z Chaos on PS4 (to be released in Japan on October 30th in) . I tried the demo on Friday in the biggest boobs…. (see picture!!!)

A stand well-equipped with beautiful babes and all kinds of shows… often receptionists and babes presented the games, activated live demos and showed the two major roles of the famous Onechan bara Z Chaos (I was able to daily film their shows and take extra pictures

Stand Capcom

Presentation centered on the future Biohazard Revelations 2 , a demo that can be played on PS4 and Xbone.

There was a gallery of remastered Biohazard Hd (to be released on November 27th) and even a part for the various game guns, one part of course dedicated to Monster Hunter 4 in 3DS



There also was a stand to present the videos and gameplay of various games, even with guests who came on purpose for the occasion.

Stand Konami

09-DSC02802 12-DSC02629 14-DSC02727 15-DSC02632 17-DSC02740 17-DSC02634 16-DSC02739 16-DSC02633 15-DSC02738 18-DSC02741 28-DSC02762 24-DSC02676 15-DSC03032 17-DSC03060 18-DSC03061

This stand was very much monopolized by Hideo Kojima and his team, for the introduction of PMetal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain, gameplay and game’s details.

There was an extra bonus space where one could leave messages to Kojima on the Fulton (of course je took my pen to write something) various figurines were displayed in a small corner, as well as goodies on the new and the old Metal Gear Solid series.

I also met our good friend Julien who came to France for some days.


Stand Namco bandai

10-DSC0302141-DSC03022 42-DSC03023

Présentation de vidéos en boucle sur les diverses projest en cours. Various projects in progress were presented in video format (replay).

The Center ou in the center had many things to offer, an enormous Gundam (GUNDAM Breaker 2, Hunter x Hunter.

A GIANT Dragon Sheron (for Dragon Ball xenoverse), figurines, demo play

of Tales of Versperia (which we tested already).

My friend David managed to discusstion , with Mr Obaba, author of the series Tales


Stand Sega sami

Présentation of the future Ryu ga gotoku Zero (planned to be released next year). But especially interesting were the beautiful babes always ready for pictures and videos of games such as Hatsune Miku and other Sega Phantasy Star 2 online games.


Coin Goodies

This is the selling place for certain articles of which some can only be purchased during the Show days, but prices are really too high…


The Show’s Babes’ space

All the Babes were there, around or in front of the publishers’ stands, to present and promote their articles and often distributing goodies (purses etc.). The 4 days of our stay, I assembled nearly 5 kilograms of goodies.

The Babes like pictures to be taken.

24-DSC02676 Tina 19-DSC02670 23-DSC02674 14-DSC02812 05-DSC02792 06-DSC02793 04-DSC02585 2-DSC02667 02-DSC02583


The Show itself is very interesting of course’, but the eye of course also rejoiced!


On this day, we went with other French friends to appreciate even more that the Show had to offer us.

I’ll not enumerate all the stands but merely mention the most striking moments of the day:

Stand Konami

galery special Metal Gear Solid series & Raiden Rising


Stand Square enix

My friend was the first visitor to play the on line Finl Fantasy XIV against ramuh, but we played this game together only at the end of the afternoon, just before leaving. We were the last to succeed.

galerie special Metal Gear Solid series & Raiden Rising01-DSC0151102-DSC0151204-DSC01519OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Stand Capcom

Finally I was able to try the Biohazard Revelations 2 with my friend in its Xbone version (less time spent in waiting) ; I liked the game and did not encounter major difficulties. Although I only had my press card (and no photographer’s card)

I’ve been able to use some film and also got some goodies, among which a small Biohazard Revelations 2 bag.


Stand Sony computer

22-DSC02673 20-DSC02671


At the beginning of the afternoon we were able to try the demo of Bloodhorne, but I did no, t as I preferred Dragon Ball Xenoverse on Ps3.

Fortunately, in this way I was free to take pictures and use the camera to show my friends playing.

My beautiful picture5-DSC02774

The game is really very striking, I can’t wait to really play it on my PS4 (February 2015)

Stand Sony computer suite

Presentation of the new PSvita and Playstation4, limited version.


Stand D3– Publisher

07-DSC02986 06-DSC02985 Aya 10-DSC02990

But now, seriously !!

I finally was able to try the Onechan Bara Z Chaos on PS4 after having waited only 15 minutes !

And I do have no regrets: it sure is not the year’s top game but it will be part first of my PS3 and then PS4 collection

To be recommended for those who love this kind of games, with nice girls, zombies and other anti-stress features. It is a parody of Dynastis Warriors,the game is more crazier than the Lolly pop chainshaw from the creator suda 51

Other stands

Touring other stands, pictures and videos

Saturday, day for the general public.

This was the first public day among friends (come for the occasion) but we met rather late in the day, the crowd being very numerous as had to be expected.


The main difference with the days for the press is that the space dedicated to cosplay which I like very much was only present on the general public’s days.



Compared to about two years, changes have taken place


Coin Cosplay

 Cosplay evolved compared to about two years ago. Cosplayers always were free to come or not, to have their picture taken by other visitors. I always take two kinds of pictures, taken at a distance with a Sony or an other camera, followed by short distance ones with the PSVita in the selfie format, I often handed out my visiting cards and received many in return

let’s see some photos and videos

Stand Square enix

It’s was the first meeting with my friends, to play together an party of Final Fantasy XIV versus ramuh, very pleasure party together


Stand Sony computer

It’s was not wasting time to replay the demo of Bloodhorne, because since early in morring it was all ready FULL of pleople.

During the afternon, my friends succes to take photos and videos from a little concerance that Mr Kojima himself manged on Sony computer stand(i’ve been a the cosplayer coner)

06-DSC01525 07-DSC01526 05-DSC01524

Stand D3 publisher

I saw the Gamekult (french home site) greg & pupo team, busy preparing their little programme; I took advantage of the occasion to let my camera run and take some pictures


various other pictures and videos of the stands

diverses autres photos et vidéos des stand

Back from the Tokyo game show

On the way back we got the surprise of a beautiful rainbow near the bridge, and then a street theater performance right in front of the JR station, very well done and interesting


This was my last day at the Show, and I finally was no longer surrounded by groups of people.

This means I was able to visit the place quietly, that is in probably optimum circumstances.

Having queued for over one and a half hour in the sunshine, I took the basement entry this time, to find myself near the Konami stand.

It was a rather relaxing morning for me because I was unable to play the slightest demo because as from 10 AM, practically all the reservations had already been made.

Âpres une bonne 1h30 d’attente sous le soleil chaud.. j’entrais dans salon par la sous sol cette fois-ci a cote du stand Konami .

This is what I had expected so I did not bother too much ; it gave me an opportunity to use this extra time to go and get goodies, pictures en videos of various events.

Stand Madcast

An fight of  Ultra Street Fighter IV

Cosplay corner

The same of yestarday, but i’ve been there a 00,30 PM , just a little lunch time with a bar of Mars and drinking a coca..

I can take many photos and videos of the cosplayers, very relaxing time to 3h30 PM

Ps : i’ve meet also some french people(living in japan), who’s fans of flow my on my Blog.we also take a pictures with my Psvita, !! thanks friends

Note: i’ve already take a other poste with all photos and videos from the cosplay corner.


D3 Publisher stand

Last presentation of the Onechan chanbara Z chaos game, the two girls as always ready to strike sexy attitudes… including NONONO (the girl of present the show) who talked all the time.

Capcom stand

I also managed to shoot the demo presentation of Biohazard Revelations 2 (I was permitted to film thanks to my press card)

Konami stand

I was very happy to be able to assist at the last presentation of Hideo Kojima and his team (among whom the Snake Ootsuka Akio understudy). Here are the last shots and videos of this session.

27-DSC03136 26-DSC03135 19-DSC03062

Final shooting before leaving the Show

The TGS 2014week-end is over.

Final message : it has been an extraordinary experience for me to visit another Tokyo Game Show both as a representative of the press and as one of the general public.

I do not regret it and would repeat the feat whenever an occasion would present itself.

A great show full of surprises of all kinds!!!

Evidently, the press-days are quieter than the general public’s, but after all, everything depends on the motivation behind the visit! To try new games, see the babes, get goodies, see cosplays, meet people and enjoying shooting pictures and videos.

For me this has been a great show, and an important one!

I’ll be back soon and thank you for your patience in reading my report

Rafael B.

Here you can see all the goodies I was given during the 4 TGS days.

2014-09-19-220642 2014-09-19-220626 2014-09-19-220623 2014-09-19-220619 2014-09-19-220616 2014-09-19-220612

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